Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm Black, Jack!

I have had conversations with a few Afrocentric people (as some may call it), and the term Black is not acceptable to some of them. Black to me is a subculture in America. Sure you can call me African American, but the term in my in my opinion implies that I was a native of Africa and then came to America. For example, when a Mexican comes to America from Mexico and gains citizenship they are called Mexican American. Might I add they still have their language, their culture, and traditional foods. I was born and raised in America. I am an American with American cultures, and traditions. I am not oppose to them either. I find contempt in the name black. Even though I am an American there is a bit more to me and the culture I was raised in that isn't like White America, or Italian America, or Jewish. I know this to be described as BLACK. A subculture that has it's on history, its on dialect, it's on food and swagger. I embrace the term Black. I don't feel it is so wrong to be called that. In closing, it could be because I am accustom to the term and have been programmed to not be sensitive to the term. I don't care though.

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