Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm Black, Jack!

I have had conversations with a few Afrocentric people (as some may call it), and the term Black is not acceptable to some of them. Black to me is a subculture in America. Sure you can call me African American, but the term in my in my opinion implies that I was a native of Africa and then came to America. For example, when a Mexican comes to America from Mexico and gains citizenship they are called Mexican American. Might I add they still have their language, their culture, and traditional foods. I was born and raised in America. I am an American with American cultures, and traditions. I am not oppose to them either. I find contempt in the name black. Even though I am an American there is a bit more to me and the culture I was raised in that isn't like White America, or Italian America, or Jewish. I know this to be described as BLACK. A subculture that has it's on history, its on dialect, it's on food and swagger. I embrace the term Black. I don't feel it is so wrong to be called that. In closing, it could be because I am accustom to the term and have been programmed to not be sensitive to the term. I don't care though.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Photo Says it All

(photo courtesy of

In this day and age of technology, there are many ways in
which a person can showcase their creativity. Whether you are
a painter, dancer, or writer; the internet allows you to showcase
your work on a global level. Creativity shows that a person
has an active imagination and the ability to express their emotions
in a way many cannot.

One day while looking on a friends facebook profile, I decided
to look at their "Notes" section. In this section of a facebook
profile a person can choose to write stories, inpirational quotes,
poems, or any form of writing they choose. I happened to stumble
upon a poem this person had titled "The Mystery of Iniquity"
now mind you I am an avid AVID fan of LAURYN HILL and on
her 2002 album Unplugged 2.0 she had a song called (wait for it,
wait for it..) "THE MYSTERY OF INIQUITY". So as I read the
title I already assumed I was about to read some plagerism but
then I thought maybe her title was simply an inspiration for
a poem he decided to write.

I decided to continue reading and read that he had copied

her song WORD FOR WORD!! He did not put that the song
was by her or that it was not his own poetry. He had allowed
many people to post comments telling him how amazing of a
poet he was and he was responding by saying thank you and
saying how its really hard for him to come up with great poetry
like that and how it was a "gift." It disgusted me.

I called him out on it and he eventually deleted it from his
profile but the point is he had the audacity to steal the words
and ideas that came from another person's mind and call it his

People may not realize it but that is kinda like mentally raping

someone. When people come up with stories, music, paintings,
dances all of these things come from inspirations that they get from
their lives, their experiences, their moments of feeling up and down.
To take someone elses ideas is like robbing them of their experience
and calling it your own. I, myself am a writer and on some occasions
it takes many long grueling hours to come up with an interesting
or thought provoking piece and to find out someone else stole it
is gut wrenching.

ANY time I quote someone, use a picture, song lyric, piece of

writing, even quote part of a convo i've had with a friend I will
either reference the person that came up with it or at least
let people know that it is not of my own thoughts.

Basically what I'm trying to say is keep it real, dont steal people's

ideas because it truly shows who and what you are as a person.
It exposes your true capablities and it ultimately makes you look
less credible when people find out you plagerized.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

You're Ghetto

I cannot stand it when people dub something/someone ghetto for petty reasons. The ghetto is the name for a poor community of people often being immigrants or minority. People use the word as an adjective for all things they feel are bad and wrong. Ghetto is a noun, it is a place not a state of being. Just because someone lives in a ghetto or a project does not mean that they are bad nor all of the things they do. Yes it's true, bad things can and do happen in the ghetto; however, bad things happen everywhere. We could dissect this topic and have plenty to debate on, agree on, and disagree on. So I'll narrow the focus.

It's grinds my gears when people say things like:
- "Hey, look at those people over there on the front porch in the kitchen chairs"
and someone else responds "That's GHETTO!"

Now excuse me for my "ghetto-ness" but if it's one hunneds degrees outside and you don't have air condition or lawn chairs I don't give a got damn if it's ghetto or not I'm sitting my ghetto ass out side on the porch and as far as it being the front porch if it's my house it doesn't matter what side I choose to sit on. And that's for damn sure!!!!! "

I have another scenario:
I told my cousin I thought baggy clothes were ghetto, and unprofessional. She asked me why, and I couldn't give her one good reason. In that moment I realized I was being superficial. The tables turned on me though when my cousin and I made this really catchy rap for my voice mail, and more than one person told me I was being unprofessional. My argument is that I will do the same GOOD work with the voice mail, that I would without it. I feel it is my personal phone and voice mail, and it shouldn't matter. Might I add it's a clean rap too, no profanity or double entendres. I like the rap, and it really is fitting because my profession is art. IT IS CREATIVE! To tie this in with being ghetto if a person is going to work hard, they are going to work hard regardless, so who am I to judge them for wearing baggy clothes. There work is what speaks for them, there clothes do not. Fabric does not speak.

Sincerely Unknown

Sunday, May 9, 2010

"Dear Mama"

(Photograph of a mother and her daughter
courtesy of

Today is Sunday May 9 and in America Mother's
is being celebrated. Cards, flowers, candy,
perfume and an assortment of other things have
been bought to show reverence to Mothers all over

I have an immense amount of respect for the
job that mothers have. For me my mother has
gone above and beyond in taking care of me.
Throughout my life,she has been a friend,
confidant, doctor, chef, chauffer, listener,
hair stylist, tutor, and much much more.

My mother has always been by my side. Anytime
there was a problem she was there to listen and
to help me. She is one of the few people in my
life to show genuine appreciatiion for me just
because. The love I have recieved from her has
been pure, unconditional.

My mother has also been a great example of how
to uphold yourself with dignity and class, in any
situation. She has always walked with grace, and
poise and I thank her so much for being a positive
example of a phenomenal woman.

Today I just want to say thank you Mommy, you
are a light that has always shone brightly in
my life, I appreciate you, and I LOVE you.

To you readers, if you can, give your mother
a hug and a kiss today and tell her you love her.
I know everyone does not have the best relationship
with their mothers but if you can, today make her
feel special. Remember, everyone does not have
a mother to hug today, and if you do have one, take
advantage of this oppurtunity. You only get ONE mother.

Thank her for all that she does.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Don't Look At Me!

When I finally made up my mind to go through the process of getting dreads..I was very sure about the decision I had made. There were two people who inspired me to go natural, my father and my aunt. The outcome of their locs was phenomenal, I had never seen anything more unique/beautiful. Going natural for me was for myself. I wanted change, I wanted things to be more simple when it came to my hair..not a headache or an insecurity.I remember having relaxed hair and it was great, for the first couple of weeks. Then it was back to the dreaded new growth..I begin to wonder, what is really so bad about new growth what am I running from. Since I can remember I use to always have my hair pressed and my hair was really long. But no sooner had I began to receive relaxers, my hair had never grown past my shoulders..I knew that wasn't right.

I didn't know what my hair would be like without a relaxer. To be honest I got to the point where I didn't care.. at the end of the day I said its just hair. My hair can't run my life, a lot of us especially women will not go out to the club,swimming or even church if our hair is not cute. And yea it's funny but its sort of sad, we have to learn to accept ourselves. Nappy which isn't a word that we came up with people..(but that's another story) but since that's the term we've come to use, I'm going to say that Nappy isn't bad.It's beautiful and maybe one day the permed or relaxed sista who is reading these words will venture on her journey and find a whole other beauty she never knew she had.

Words and video by

Lyric + Rhymes - Tables + Times

California. A place where people say "dreams come true"! A place where talent is found, and you can start living your dream. A place where those "dreams" turn into "reality". I will say that it's probably easier if you already live or have been raised out here, but for people like me who made a drastic move; not so much. My name is Jessica Ballard. I am a singer/songwriter/artist and I moved to California almost 4 months ago. I wish I could say it's been amazing since I been here, but at this point right now, I feel things just now are turning in my favor. I couldn't get transferred to my job out here (until a few days ago) so I have been out here with no money, family, or friends (except my producer/best friend). Some people may think "oh, that's not so bad"... but I say "just try it, it's definitely not as easy as it seems." But through it all, I still had my music. It's the only influence I had to keep me going. Without it I can honestly say I would have given up by now. Music is my reason for making such a big move to Cali and I can honestly say I wouldn't have changed a thing. I feel that within these months I have changed. I stopped taking things for granted. I have matured very much and the biggest of all - I have learned patience. You can want something so bad and feel that you deserve it, but God works on his time. And on his time only will he feel that you are ready for receiving what he has to give you. You always hear people say it, but until you go through it yourself is when you really believe it.

I have been a music person (as I like to call it) for all my life. It's been easier for me to memorize lyrics and rhymes rather than tables and times. (Did u catch that? lol) I've never really been the one who enjoys going to school but I always had my journal right there with me. So I say to myself that this move can either turn out to be my greatest accomplishment, or my biggest mistake. I love to sing though. I base my whole life around music, I live musically. Anything I say or do I want to turn it into a verse of a song. Although I'm in Cali for music, it was my producer who made the move possible. He told me he was about to move for good and I had the option of coming out there a few times a month to work on our music. I said "f*^% that, I'M COMING WITH YOU!" It wasn't like I was tied down in Chicago so I had a perfect time to leave, and I took it. I packed my bags, kissed my family farewell, and started my journey. Aside from all the music and the industry life, the weather is beautiful so how could I have passed this up? At this moment, I am still in waiting for things to happen. I am finishing my demo and soon enough I'll be shopping it around and seeing what happens next. That's pretty much how I live my life... it's all about "what happens next"..... and as I wait, I can only pray that this is what I'm supposed to do. I can always go back, but at least now I can say that "I Tried". And that's more than anyone else can say...

Jessica Ballard

Two And A Half.

Being a single mom with two kids, working a full time job, and attempting to go to school so my kids can have a better life is stressful alone. That's for any single parent, but in my case even more so. I am dealing with the fact that my daughter has a genetic disorder.Their father is around, but doesn't help much. Which is why I left him. My kids deserve better! My whole life is work, and my kids. If it wasn't for seeing the smiles on my kids faces I would probably break down everyday. At night its the hardest for me. I get the kids ready for bed alone, I tuck them in alone. Sometimes I wish their dad was here helping, but when I look at them I know I can do this without him. I work at least 30 hrs a week ,mainly nights, so I'm exhausted from working. When I get that pay check, and I can go out and buy them whatever they want or need feels great. I have a two year old son, who I love and spoil like crazy! He's my baby boy, and he knows when his mommy is sad. He will come up to me, and say "momma are you ok?" That right there makes all the craziness in my world disappear.

I also have 6 month old daughter, who has genetic disorder called Trisomy 18. Ohh how I hate Trisomy 18! Trisomy 18 is when you have an extra chromosome attached where you were only suppose to have one. Most woman actually miscarry. The doctors told me after two weeks my angel was born my body was strong enough to hold on to her. I am so thankful it did. My family and I found out that Trisomy 18 is terminal, so eventually my daughter will be up in heaven watching over me and her brother. It will very slowly take over her whole body, and break it down. But I try to not let that get in the way. I try to think that everything is ok. Every second I get with her I cherish, I take tons of pictures with her and try to take her to see the world. I break down when I'm alone; it's hard knowing that I'm going to lose my daughter. However I know I can not give up; because I have to stay strong for my son. He needs his mommy too. So while I'm at work thinking if my daughter is ok it's also my escape! Being a single mom is harder than I thought, and also very lonely! But I have great kids, a family, and great friends who keep me on my toes. I love them for that very much!

Nicole Brennan

Dedicated to Aubrey Renae Harvey

Can I Kick it?

I want a relationship. One where my girl and I can JUST kick it. I want to go to the movies, I want to go out to eat, to clubs, stay at home, whatever! I just want to kick it. See my point is this, I want to be able to have fun with this woman (Whom ever she may be/is), but I don't want titles and labels to confuse what it is that we are doing now.

I don't want to wife her up and be her hubby(per se). I want to keep the element of fun in the relationship. No expectations of the future, only living for whats now. At the our young age, we would be fools to think otherwise. I say that; because many young people couple up, then label up. They become "HUSBAND AND WIFE" or any variation of that (I.e hubby and wifey). In all seriousness I'm looking for an experience with a girl who can (at this moment in time) complete me. It's not about the Mrs. Right. It is about Mrs. Right now (as funny as that may sound). More so it would be like Yin and Yang.

The "kick it" relationship mentality is the principal of fun. But not just fun, it is foundation for the POSSIBILITY of what can come from it. It is her teaching me, and me teaching her. It is someone to talk to on a whole other level; while embarking on new journeys via sex, travels, mental growth.

We could/would definitely count as a couple, yet I want us still to be friends. I want us to kick it.

Diego Cruz.

Friday, March 19, 2010

"Can I Get A Window Seat"

"I just want a chance to fly
A chance to cry
And a long bye bye.."

Recently Erykah Badu released a song
called Window seat Badu sings about how
she "doesn't want to time travel no mo"
Basically she is saying she wants a little
break from some of the things that are
presently going on in her life.

Erykah is asking for a simple request that
many ask for every single day. One problem
in American society is that we are always so
on the go that we rarely ever stop and take
some time out for ourselves so that we
can get a chance to just chill and think about
what it is that we truly want out of life.

Many day to day demands cause us to forget
that we all need to have a little time to
ourselves. To just allow ourselves to be
completely present in the moment, to breathe,
to be stress free, and to just relax.

So to any of you out there reading this
allow yourself some personal time because
everyone needs it every now and then.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

When in Rome

Having spent the large quantity of my life daydreaming about seeing the world, it amazes me that I am actually turning those dreams into reality.

It takes my breath away.

Im half way through my study abroad semester in Rome, Italy. I have I been allowed the opportunity to be inspired by the grandeur of the Colosseum, the historic richness of the Roman Forum, the Beauty of the Trevi Fountain, the immaculate Churches and much more that Rome has to offer. It seems everything is beautiful about this city, even alleyways and winding roads. Coming this semester has also opened the door to seeing other countries, including England, France, Switzerland and Greece.

London was fabulously fashion forward, I saw God in Paris and fell in love again, I opened my eyes in Capri, and Im excited to see what will become of Switzerland and Greece.

I see so much in these places, but the most important thing Ive gotten from these places is how much they inspire me. The beauty I see here is so contagious that it is reflected in the food I cook, the clothes I wear, and the ways I choose to spend my time. Instead of wasting hours on that book of faces, or doing worthless things with my time it is spent on greater things. Music is on every corner here, its amazing how talented these old and spirited Italian musicians can be. So now, I make more music (I missed my guitar, so I ordered a Ukulele). The words spill like oil on my paper now, Im surrounded by so many thought-provoking things. This inspiration burns within me and is helping mold me as a better graphic designer and artist in general.

My time here has made me a better graphic designer, filmographer, artist, cook, musician, writer, thinker, and well I guess a better all-around person. And theres still 2 more months of this growing experience.

I never thought seeing the world would change me so much.

Im so glad it did.

Love Love Love

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wallz...The point?

Good Afternoon readers,

hope your life is going well
Mine is.

Many people are willing to befriend
others and create strong relationships
with people they meet but at the same time
alot of these people keep wallz up.

What are these wallz? we've all heard about
them, its the emotional detatchment that many
create so that they dont have to be vulnerable
with others. The wallz(so they think) keep them
safe from being emotionally harmed.

To be honest though; the wallz really dont protect
one's heart from anything. All it does is put
one's feeling on mute because a certain person
WILL come around and make you break that wall down.

Unfortunately you will get your feelings hurt
from time to time, you will get your heart broken,
and you might even get rejected. The point is, its
a part of LIFE, it is natural and HUMAN.

So no matter how well you think you are protecting
yourself all you are doing is trying to create a
false sense of reality for yourself. Wake up and
get over it, for there to be HAPPINESS, there must be
SADNESS, for there to be a SUN there must be a MOON etc...

its all part of the circle that is

Respect it and in stead of hiding from it
take each experience as a learning experience
you'll thank yourself later.

Stay Blessed

Friday, October 2, 2009


This is just what I need to hear. Representative Alan Grayson, has said exactly what many non Republican AMERICANS have been waiting to hear from a POLITICIAN. I could try and quote the man, but I won't. I can not do it justice.

Grayson was asked to APOLOGIZE for his words, and he said this!(click for link)


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dear Body

I've been meaning to write myself a love letter for a while now. I don't know what has kept me from it, but while surfing youtube I came across a VLOGGER by the name of Dari. Her screen name is APPLES & MUSTURD, and you will find her in several corners of the Internet if you look(google search). Often we forget to remember how amazing it is to have all of our limbs lol. From our feet to our hands, don't for get about all the amenities; such as eyelashes and eyebrows... oooh and the HAIR on our heads. Dari, didn't necessarily write a love letter to herself, but she takes time to recognize her body. TO LOVE HER BODY, which is something many DO NOT.

Apples and Mustard is a great vlogger, to keep up with her check out her channel

Sincerely Unknown.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The One Thing -The Black Woman, That Has Everything, Doesn't Have...

I want say THANK YOU to a friend of mine of many years, Cameron X, for his submission to the ABSTRACTED ISMS blog. I want to say that I really enjoyed what you had to say, and I found many things within this blog post agreeable. However, in order to use this post I had to do some MINOR editing, and DE-VULGARIZATION(yes I made that up). I kept in mind that tampering with ones words is a sensitive matter, which I would prefer not to have done.

NONETHELESS- if you want to read the orignal and UN-CUT version of his blog post, visit Cameron X's blog:
Whateva I Wanna Say

Sincerely Unknown.

The One Thing - The Black Woman, That Has Everything, Doesn't Have...

You know it. I know it. Everything from the range of their beautiful skin tones; to the rest of their body is unmatched by any other race of female. Their physical & mental STRENGTH is untouchable.They're not to be fucked with.

Once you see their necks jerking from side to side; you know to either shut the fuck up, or get the fuck on your way. They're the best paper chasers, and the most intelligent. However if you see one with BLOND/GOLD weave, BLOND braids , or BLOND hair dye; you can pretty much cancel all that shit I said about their

They're the envy of all women. Other women used to think fat asses were gross. Now these bitches is ass injected, lip plumping, laying under fake sun and baking on 450 for 2 hrs.

They might be all that, and a bag of flamin' hots but 4 the most part:

But What's One Thing That Most Black Woman Who Have Everything Don't Have? .......... A MAN !

You see them all the time. They have a great education, career, money, cars, and homes but they single as hell.

WHY ?!?! Lets take a closer look at the problem.
What I'm gonna do is give you a few reasons why a man might not approach yo' ass.

1) INTIMIDATED. A man won't just come out, and admit that but it's true. Y'all sure got a way of making us feel like shit when we're not on your level. We hear y'all tear fellas down all the time ........"Bumb ass n*gga this , Bumb ass n*gga that. He may actually be doing okay for himself ; but because he ain't doing it like you, he's beneath you. But on a couple more lonely Friday nights you'll be wishing "U" WAS BENEATH HIM.

2) NOSE IS TOO HIGH IN THE AIR. Nothings wrong with holding your head high, but when you can't smell your own shit; there's a problem. Wear bigger clothes. This way the odor can creep up ya' blouse, and smack YO ASS IN THE FACE. It wasn't that long ago that you were right here at the bottom. How soon do we forget, huh ? GUESS WHAT- YOU STINK TOO!

3) CONTROL ISSUES. " If you are not in control, there's an issue. But I bet when it comes down to certain situations you want us 2 take control. Now I'm Daddy 2 you huh?

4) DON'T HAVE TIME FOR RELATIONSHIPS, I hear you. Get money, that's what its all about. All your time is invested in chasing it. Who's gonna knock you for that? If you can only give a quarter of your time to a man, the relationship is doomed. Being that us men have a very sensitive button, we're not interested in nothing more than the occasional booty call.. If you was gonna be busy all the time, and all we do is have sex, WELL DAMN...IF I HAD OF KNOWN THAT I COULDA' JUST TURNED MYSELF OVER, AND WENT TO SLEEP. IN MY OWN BED, INSTEAD OF CUDDLIN UP WIT YOU. "BANG BANG--BANG BANG -- BANG BANG".....Bye!

5) TOO GOOD TO APPROACH MEN. Some women are stuck in the dark ages. Every man is not going to step to you, because you got it going on. Women can come a dime a dozen. You chased your dream career and got it. Try that with your dream man. Unlike the dreams you have when your sleep , this one isn't gonna just come to you. Keep thinking its a man's duty to bag you. That's why y'all damn near 40 hanging' in the clubs & still single. You will be just as lonely next Valentine's Day.

Then there are some of you that meet guys, but he doesn't want you. Hmm... all I can say is IT HAS TO BE YOU! As much as you want to blame men, this is all your fault. Some women act like it is no big deal; because you have your little flings, and what not but I know better. You are not going to be able to keep up your Sex & The City shit too much longer! All those men you looked down on will do just fine without you.

Written by Cameron X

Saturday, September 12, 2009



Many of you may read this blog and many of you wont. So let me start by stating this. THIS BLOG IS NOT WRITTEN TO JUDGE YOU, SWAY YOUR SEX LIFE, OR TO CHANGE YOU. ITS BASED ON MY ON PERSONAL EXPERIENCE(s) AND IF IT HELPS JUST 1, I AM UTTERLY SATISFIED. Ok. Now that we have established that, lets move forward. When given the wonderful invitation to write a contributing blog for Mr. BIsAnArtist, I simply pondered the details of something worth sharing and that was of any substance and had meaning. Abstinence became my topic of choice. Let me share my story. Enjoy:

I love sex. Hot, sweaty, deep, passionate sex. I love the feeling of a man thrusting his pelvis against mine, on top of mine, behind mine, inside of mine, etc. I love the heat of the moment and the body vibrations. I love the sound of headboards banging and the switch in pace as I breathe. I love the art of two bodies coming/cummin together and uniting as one...if even for the moment. I love sex!!!!

A contradiction to the title? Not at all. There was a time when I loved sex. As I grew into the young lady that I am today, my views on sex evolved. I was in and out of relationships, man to man, hurting myself, dirtying my sheets. All for what? All to end up in a familiar situation of confusion and pain all over again. For years I would blame these men for my fucked up mentality toward them. I was always quick to point my finger at them and their faults. I was always playing the victim. Then one day, I realized that if this is a repetitive cycle in my life...maybe, just maybe it wasnt the men at all. Maybe it was simply just me. And as I continued to mature as a young woman, I had to take a break and work on myself. I refused to play the victim anymore. Im not saying sex was the reason everything was so messed up...but I am saying that it has played a major role. Think about it ladies (and gents); Take 2 couples. Both couples have been dating 6 months. One couple has a sexual relationship and the other couple has a non-sexual relationship. They break-up. The non-sexual couple will surely recover from the pains and differences in their relationship that they couldn't resolve. The couple with the sexual relationship, well, it will take quite the while to get over the pain of the break up because you have given up so much of your self, your soul, and your inner most personal love.

Ponder that.

[ This has been a taste of the the DIVINE B.Coll, to read the rest of her blog post vist her personal blog at ]

What HE do? HE did what?

I'm sure everyone has heard how RUDELY Kanye West rushed on stage to interrupt Taylor Swifts acceptance speech after she won a moon-man at the 2009 MTV music awards. Now, Kanye is no virgin to controversy. He is remembered for saying "George Bush doesn't like black people" after hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. I wasn't phased by his comment, for I could believe that George Bush really doesn't like black people; however, this is just ridiculous! After his stunt Kanye used his Blog, "Kanye Universe City", and attributed his actions to him being "REAL". Playing against someone's feelings HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING REAL. How many times will Ye say something, then have to apologize? Does his apology even mean anything anymore? As a fan of his, I pray this incident doesn't Jade me, because I'm taking this one to heart. I know, I know you can't answer those questions, but the thing that gets me the most is not that did that action of getting on stage. The fact that he blamed what he did as being "REAL" does! People who say they are anything in-particular usually AREN'T. Having said that, I am going to go against the rule and say "I'm pretty real" (in my opinion, naturally) Yet, MOST "REAL PEOPLE" would agree interrupting an award show speech, and boldly telling a 17 year old girl "basically, you don't deserve this award" is not "real"! Down right Disrespectful and Insensitive is more like it. If being infamous for COCKY and ARROGANT behavior is what makes you REAL. Hell no, I don't want to be that. NO SIR. I do believe he has been black-listed, so his next album better be DAMN good. I am not a fan of Taylor's, but as a human being I am saddened. That girl did nothing to Kanye for him to pretty much slap her across the face. No matter how he felt, that wasn't the time to voice his thoughts. On a sidebar, it's funny he didn't win not one award.

sincerely Unknown

Post-Script - blaming his actions on the hennesy him and Amber Rose were sipping(straight from the bottle, might I add) was tasteless too.

The Single Experience P1

I'm Dave of Hight0wer Tv



Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I would like to take a moment to say thank you to the guest writers, and the house writers as well. I intend for this blog to be a place for all things in life to be spoke on, no matter how small or large. BUT I want our readers to know that we do not endorse, agree, or partake in EVERY SINGLE THING spoke on thus far or in the future. We simply want to inform that these things happen in life, and it’s real. For the most part we write on how we feel when it happens. Should someone want to write some sort of rebuttal in referance to anything read on this blog, send it to

Thank you,
sincerely Unknown

Creater of Abstracted Isms.

I won't DO that?

Life is funny in more ways than one. Most people fall into a downward spiral of gloom; when things don’t go as planned. I know this from experience all to well, and I would like to share a story or two with you. My name is Janet Jupiter, I am a single mother, resorting to actions I thought I would never have to partake in. When found out I was pregnant I had been for four months, and didn’t even know it. I assumed I was gaining weight from STRESS, being a sophomore in college and all. Needless to say I was surrounded by CATTY women, which landed me in drama-ville every other week. I experienced my fair share of ups and downs, but I was TOO THROUGH when I found out the news. Before finding out I was pregnant I was already ready to put a bullet through the cranium of the baby’s daddy. I was mortified by the thought of having this man connected to me for the next 18 years. Far too much happened between then and now, so forgive me for leaving out a few minute details.

The baby is 10 months now, walking and trying her hardest to talk. She is like a sour patch commercial SOUR, yet so SWEET. You would think that life would be GRAND, but NOPE, still gets rough sometimes. I’m working a job, but bills are taking me under. I do get my monthly child support (petty change at best), however the recession is draining me. I hate to admit that numerous men offer to help me. No that’s not the part I hate to admit, the fact that I take them up is; mostly because their assistance comes with a price. You call it prostitution, and really that IS what it is! But for me it is my LAST RESORT. Pampers do not buy themselves, nor does milk. You might ask where the father is, my response would be, you can’t count on someone who HAS NOTHING. Though I’m not proud of my recent actions; I set pride aside when my child’s necessities are compromised. I was asked to do a guest spot on the Abstracted Isms blog, and it seemed like a way to voice a few trials and tribulations.

Janet Jupiter, single black female with child

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Smoker's Paradise: Smoking Secrets Revealed!

This past weekend, while rushing out the house on the way to an outdoor music festival, I was forced to roll up the Herbal Remedies on the road.
When the friend I was riding with saw the finished product, her reaction was one I've gotten used to getting since I discovered the key to rolling the PERFECT Fatty.

The last few times I've rolled a Spliff in front of my friends (or whoever happens to be my company at the time)... I've sent them into Complete Amazement and SHOCK!
As soon as I finish, the next words out of their mouths are Always the same...
"WHOA! How did you do that?!?!"... or ... "Can you do that, again so I can see?!?"... or ... "Where can I get one of those?!?"...

One minute we're engaged in casual conversation ... and within the next 20 seconds, I've already rolled a PERFECT Ganja Spliff!

What is it that allows me to roll Record-Setting, Cigarette-Tight spliffs, faster than you can finish a sentence you may be wondering??? Well the answer is quite simple my friends...
It's all because of ONE simple, small tool that fits in the palm of my hand... Are you ready to reach Smoker's Enlightenment??? The answer will change your life... Hold tight to your seats kiddies... Is the Suspense killing you yet??? Okay, Okay I'll tell you Already...

My Handy Dandy Rolling Machine!!!
It never ceases to amaze me that sooo many people from California- the weed smokers capital- have never come in contact with this BRILLIANT device!
I figured that if so many of my Bay Area peeps (where weed is Almost Legal and there's a smoke shop on every corner) have never even seen or heard of a rolling machine, then the readers of this blog could probably be Blessed with a bit of Smoker's Awareness too...

Many readers will think, "I don't want to read about Illegal drugs," or "Weed is for losers," "Who wants to read about rolling spliffs???"... But may I remind you... Some of the GREATEST minds to walk the face of Earth were Regular, Everyday Spliff Rollers...

Obama was Only the FIRST BLACK President... and Bob Marley Only continues to lead people to Peace & Enlightenment through his Music 30 Years after his Death...

So before you judge, remember the Outstanding Leadership qualities that can stimulate one's brain when inhaling the Sacred Herb :)
It's OBVIOUS President Obama developed his infamous Cool Demeanor and "Swag" after hitting the Ganja Spliff...
And based on his recent photos... it looks like he needs to return to his roots...
For his Own SANITY!

In fact, I was so Shocked at people's lack of Awareness, that I actually contemplated buying the machines and selling them for quadruple their cost... which would STILL be a DEAL, as they Really are a Precious Commodity... Once you use it, you'll Never part ways with it...

But instead, my Spirit lead me to be Generous, and give this Precious, Sacred information away Absolutely FREE!

You can find roller machines for under $5 online on sites such as Ebay or "Google Shopping" by simply typing "cigarette rolling machine" in your search engine of choice. In no time, you'll be putting the blunts away, smoking Healthier, and rolling Faster!
If you really want to get your money's worth, add clear papers to the mix for a heightened, futuristic smoking experience...
They burn Soooo much slower, so you will For SURE get ALL your MONEY'S WORTH!
... Just hearing that makes me happy :) ...

Here's a quick demonstrational video to put an End to your curiosity about the Magnificet Accuracy & Power of the Roller Machine...
The guy in the video is kinda slow at it, and also adds some kind of filter I've never heard of or used before... But afterall you should get the point of its Overall Speed and Efficiency!

In closing, I'd like to thank my newest Virtual Friend Bisanartist for giving me space to freely express myself.
Make sure to follow me on Twitter and take visit to my Blog :)
Until we meet again Friends ... Happy Rolling to You & Yours!

xoxoxoxo -SkyBlu2012

Monday, August 24, 2009


I want to be cremated. Why, you ask? Because it is too costly to die, that’s why! Nowadays we KNOW it's expensive to live, but why is it so costly to die? Haven't we spent enough money on earth while living, to at least get a freebee when we past? Sure there is life insurance to help with arrangements, but as far as I'm concerned you can burn me up, put me in a bottle, and set me on the shelf! Otherwise you have to pay for a plot. Then you have to pay for the casket, and don’t forget about the wake and repast. After the parting services, and burial you'll have spent quite a bit of money; I know this from experience. So as of today, I want to be cremated.
What does a casket and plot mean? A place of remembrance, or a memorial perhaps; personally I want to be remembered when I was alive, well, and with sprit. In jest I said "you can put me on the shelf"; on the other hand, there is a chance in my lifetime I’ll find a place to where my ashes can be spread. Considering at that point my soul will have floated on. I would be nothing more than grinded bones. REALLY, I WOULD NOT BE ME AT ALL.

sincerely Unknown

"People Never get the Flowers While They Can Still Smell'em

This year so far has been great but
for the american culture there have been
some great losses in terms of influential
and inspirational people. Farrah Fawsett,
Walter Cronkite, Edward Kennedy, and Michael

I understand that all of those people
are human just like me but being that those
type of people are in the public so often
when people like that die it makes you more
conscious of how easily people can just
come and go.

We're all put here on this Earth for
a certain amount of time when that time is
up, we leave.and none of us are either ready
for it nor do we know when. So to the people
around you that you care about...Tell them that
you LOVE them and how important they are to you
because you never know when that might be your
last time speaking to them.

Not to be morbid or anything but I just
wanted to speak on that...its real. Thanks
for reading.


Public Service Announcement

Do not think just because you covered your mouth when you coughed, or sneezed you stopped the spread of germs. You DIDN'T! Most likely you used your fist or palm, then touched not only yourself, but everything around you. To affectively stop the spread of germs you MUST cough/sneeze into the fold of your elbow.

thank you
sincerely Unknown

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Some Cliches are Necessary

Growing up, I have always heard certain things
over and over, you know the things that your parents,
teachers, and other elders tell you that are supposed
to teach you a lesson about life. Some of the most common

Be yourself
Dont judge a book by its cover
Treat others the way you want to be treated

Well I really realize how important those cliches are
today, and Im so glad I know what they mean...So
I decided to go to the mall yesterday, and being
that I'm at home for summer vacation from college;
there are alot of people I saw that I had not seen in a
long time. Some I was excited to see and others.....ehh.

But what I noticed heavily was how some of the people
I knew that acted and dressed a certain way had completely
changed. Change is a beautiful thing but in one specific
case it wasn't.

I saw one of my really good friends from back in the day
named M(did u really think i was gonna put them out there
like that :) and we used to be so cool with each other so I saw
him with a few of his boys and I went to go say whasup and
he said: "whas good youngin"(dc slang when he knows he is
from NC) and then he gave me this hug that was kinda
inappropriate, as he did this his boys kinda whispered behind
him with a little giggle. He turned around and gave a little dap to
one of them after the hug.

I directed my attention to him and he kept giving me this
slimey look, i let it go and just kept trying to speak to him about
what he was doing with himself and no matter what I would say he
would ask me in this raspy voice "what you tryna do tonight though?"
and I kept saying "I dont know". I guess he got tired of that answer
so he decided to be a genius and reccommend me come to his house
and just "CHILL" I then just decided to end the conversation and
told him, "you know what I gotta go, ill see you later" so then he said
"aight imma see u lata, i know i am."

We both went our seperate ways and i stopped and turned
around to see him leave. I was so disgusted that i had to double
take to see if it really was the same M I used to know. He used to
be a gentleman, he spoke articulately and he used to walk with
dignity. Unfortunately he had become a follower, trying to be
someone else and I hated that. It just goes to show you that
highschool behavior doesn't end when you graduate. Some people
have to deal with what a wise man once told me is called "the 13th grade"

From what I saw, it seemed as if it was more work trying
to be like his friends than it was when M was just being

So, imma beat it into your head just one last time,
BE YOURSELF.......its much easier, and cooler that


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Common sense! Who's Got It?

Hello World,

Today I was reassured [once again] that not everyone has that little voice telling them what they "from societies stand point" should already know. Now, this would not be the first time I’ve had this thought, most certainly it will not be the last. I have the less than pleasure of working with numerous people who DO NOT seem to have common sense. I find their capacity of understanding simple tasks and commands to be very low at times. Which is SUPER irritating, for I spend a large amount of MY time reiterating the same tasks over and over again. I try to understand my place in it all. I try to realize that there are numerous things that I do that bug others. While I am NOT the smartest rock in the box, I am not the dumbest one either. I also know that every person has their own capacity of learning, doing, and understanding. We can not always do as much, or as little as the next man/woman.

Human nature is to judge what we don’t understand, and I find myself on an almost everyday bases NOT UNDERSTANDING. My thought is this, though it is more of a question, yet can be answered is a question in its self. Where is the line between what your brain should know, and what you couldn’t know unless you were told?

After posing said question, I want to say 3 things.
This blog was written to relieve my frustration with coworkers. A vent if you will.
I do not see myself as perfect, nor do I know everything.... is that four things?

Sincerely Unknown.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

headphones...check. head nod...check. bass...check. wallet....empty

So I'm sitting here in front of my 6 year old Toshiba Laptop. Not to say it's prehistoric, because it still serves me well aside from the occasional crash. I'm sitting here and I'm illegally downloading music. Listening to previously downloaded illegal music. I'm literally copying Illegally downloaded music to my Zune Media Player as we speak, or as I type I should say. (Right now it's transferring a Melanie Fiona remix album).

So again, I'm sitting here listening to, downloading, and transferring illegal music and reading about Mos Def's recent album sales. And all I can think is "Damn...why didn't he sell more records?" I then (vocally) blame it on the fact that people don't know good music when they hear it. LOL...i know. I caught myself and gave my brain a mental slap. Owech...wait...owch...ouch, that's it. (...hard slap). Guess I need a name tag to put on my shirt that says hypocrite. I'm probably the biggest music fan in the world but I might buy one album a year...if that.

I have an image of myself in 20 or 30 years with a basement full of records, cds and cassettes of the classics that shaped me into who I am or will be. But until then, I'm the keeper of an always near-empty leather wallet that's unable to contribute to the sales of little round discs...but hey we're in a recession and even the price of food has gone up. And if the battle is between my ears and my stomach, my stomach uppercuts my eardrums everytime. (TKO)

Ok, I'm sorry...kind of rude of me. No introduction, no smile, not even a handshake. I'm always straight to business. Anyway, I write under the name [IMPERIAL]. I am a [CHICAGO NATIVE]. I am a quarter of a dollar [YEARS] old. I am [BLACK]. I am [ME].

(smiles) (shakes your hand)

-[imperial out]

Thursday, July 23, 2009


We as a people have relied on appearance for far too long... everyone has some shallowness to them but today I noticed overt shallowness to the tenth degree.

ShallowISM- the overt prejudement of another person without considering who they could be on the inside; to look at a glass, but only half full

Ohh... let me introduce myself I am the (:)Black Rose(:) a woman of many seasons, opinions, and many would say blunt honesty I just say whatever comes to mind.

Back on topic but today I witnessed a girl leaned into a shiny opaque vehicle speaking with a guy she had just met in passing and my initial thought was "girl run he could be a psycho" then I noticed the shiny rims, nice jewelry, and the host of other things that would make him stand out in a line up and from his shoes to his neckline he had all the material things but he lacked an attractive face and from that moment I knew he and she were only thinking about one thing- that is material possessions and eachother's appearance.

People focus on the outerness of people versus what is on the inside and I ponder if all you know about a person is what you see initially then we all have our own discriminaces and use them to judge people on how they look not by what they say, dont try to stop this pratice because it is done unconsciously, but we can change the way we look at one another and start focusing on inner qualities versus outer possessions.

This is the (:) Black Rose (:) signing off... ask yourself the next time you decide to befriend, holla at, or gossip about someone consider who they are on the inside without judging them on what they have on, what type of car they drive, where they live at, or if they have money.... think about if they would be a good investment of your time?

Another thorn plucked...await the next blossom...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One Ism to another!

I, in no way want this blog to become a personal message board. However I must give credit where credit is due. Over several weeks I have racked my brain to find the perfect blog name. I needed something that would give the right energy to my fellow bloggers and our readers. I asked for opinions and suggestions from a few of my writers, in a collaborative effort for greatness. My FRIEND and CONFIDANT "Eclectic Flavor" is owed a great deal for reminding me of "ISMS". Though according to the dictionary ism is a theory or thought, I would have to credit Erykah Badu for introducing me to another kind of ism. Ism is also slang for WEED, so in round about kind of way, I want the words on this blog to get the readers HIGH! I would like to thank Marta for being the most "DIGGIBLE CHICK" I know, for I am sure she knows that I would never purposely step on any ones toes to get ahead. But on a business tip, I will continue to blog on this site. I hope you will join me. Many thanks must go out to D. Hightower, Black Rose, and A. Franklin for helping me start this project as well.

Thank you

sincerely Unknown....

Monday, July 20, 2009


Different minds and different writing styles coming together to manifest thoughts in a not so normal fashion, is exactly what I envisioned when I set out to start a collaborative blog. I am fortunate to be surrounded by an abundance of people, who are in essence “DOPE all the way to the nucleus of their cells”. After naming the blog, the biggest problem I had was selecting my selection. It was no easy task, but I’ve done it! I could not with words alone introduce my fellow bloggers, so why bother to try? Not that I would need to, for their talent on all calibers SPEAKS for them. I go by many names, but you all will know me as An Unknown Voice.

Sincerely Unknown.